Does your partner use the credit card without your permission for online purchases and surprise you with the bill?

Do you like to save for your retirement but you cannot accumulate much because your partner thinks this item is more important right now?

Do you like to buy this durable, worth-the-price and useful item but your partner insists that it is better to save the money?

The Married Wallet: 
  how two single wallets can achieve financial harmony

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Chapter Peeks

Here are snippets from every chapter to pique your interest

Chapter 1:

The only challenge is when two different views of handling money clash.

Chapter 2:

Again, both can never really prepare for everything. 

Chapter 3:

Rule 3: Listen to understand. Not listen to reply.

Chapter 4:

Gone are the days where the man’s family spends for the ceremony.

Chapter 5:

But marriage is a lifetime commitment. 

Chapter 6:

We need to nourish ourselves, feel the feeling of being wealthy.

Chapter 7:

Growing humans is not easy, nor is it cheap.

Chapter 8:

This is commonly the reason why couples find it hard to save for themselves.


BONUS 1: Wedding Budget Tips

Quick and easy tips to cut-off costs by 50% without skimping on your big day.

BONUS 2: Childcare Saving Tips

Three practical ways to lower the cost of child rearing

BONUS 3: Miscellaneous Saving Tips
Smart saving tips to cut off unnecessary expenses

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What is your wallet's status?

A lot of us maybe married, but our wallets stayed as single wallets.

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